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Engine & Drivetrain


Engine Repair

Increase an engines’ lifespan by performing regular preventive maintenance.  Although generally reliable, a car engine is susceptible to damage and breakdown.  We have the training and experience to maintain or if needed repair toady’s engine to peak performance.


Differentials and Clutches

Differentials transmit power to the wheels while allowing them to rotate at different speeds. Our trained technicians are equipped to handle differential service and maintenance.  Each time you press down on the clutch, the pressure plate pushes against a flywheel , joins the transmission to the engine and enables gears to be changed.  Over time the friction accompanying this repetitive action will wear down the clutch, pressure plate, and accompanying gears and bearings.



Transmissions use gears, clutches, and gear trains to transmit speed and torque from the engine to the drive wheels.  Preventive maintenance is critical to the transmission’s lifespan.  Our trained technicians can perform maintenance and, if needed, repairs or replacement transmissions.


Axles & Driveshaft

Your axles are the last link in transferring power from the engine to your wheels.  They are strong parts that last a long time but they can run into trouble.  There are different kinds of axles each with their own potential problems.  Our trained technicians know this and check for things like leaking seals, torn cv boots and worn axle joints.


Let Kraus Auto Help Diagnose Engine & Drivetrain Issues

Our certified auto service and repair technicians have the experience and are equipped to handle any engine or drivetrain issues large or small.